Welcome to Bangkok!

After a difficult and tearful goodbye from my mom in the Bangkok airport, luckily I only had a couple hours by myself before Madison and Kennedy arrived from Vancouver! After a brief catch up we made our way into the heart of Bangkok to D hostel that we had booked for our first night. It was refreshing to be able to book accommodation in advance, unlike India where it’s show up and find something then. Our first day we ventured around the city seeing the main sights before heading back out to the airport to pick up our 4th team member, Robyn. Travelling with a different group and familiar faces from home was and has been such a good boost from missing home because now it feels like I’m just beginning again. It was also amazing to see the differences in our interpretation of Bangkok. The girls were in awe of the busyness and chaos of the number of cars and people, while I truly felt like it was wide open spaces in comparison to India. I think diving in and starting a trip in India gave me a much more relaxed view on everything else I will encounter from now on. That being said, similarly to India our first booked adventure did not go as planned. We had a night bus and a ferry from Bangkok to Koh Phangan that we were ready for with bags packed and snacks in hand and at the check in when we were told it was cancelled. There were hundreds of people that like us, were heading to Koh Phangan for the Full Moon Party and had to figure out an alternative. The bus was cancelled and could not be guaranteed to leave the following day because as a result of all the rain and flooding down south the main highway had a collapsed in some areas. We made a game time decision and decided to get a refund on our ticket and book a flight instead of waiting out for the bus. We did not want to miss the party and we were also meeting 2 other girls, Haley and Alysha from home. I left the check in and found a hostel nearby so that it would be easier to get back there in the morning for our transport to the airport. We got a room that we only later discovered that it was above a club that ran until 4am.. oops, my bad. 

Funnily enough, I didn’t experience the frustration of the loud techno music because Robyn and I didn’t get home until 5:45am which was when we had to be back at the bus stop. Long story short, we all went out for a couple drinks, we ran into some guys from our previous hostel, had a couple more drinks, Madison and Kennedy were responsible and went home, while Robyn and I went with the guys to Khao San Road, which is full of bars that go all night. We only realized the time when Robyn said my phone was ringing and I knew that wasn’t possible as I don’t have a plan here and then I looked at it and it was my alarm going off in the morning for us to get up.. again, oops. We left the bar, running back in the pouring rain to our hostel where we had to pack our bags and get to the bus. We made it and the best part was that we had to run past the bus stand to get to our hostel, so everyone on our bus knew that we had just got in. It was hilarious and lucky for us. We ran into Madison and Kennedy in the lobby and the best part was the note they left for us. I think I will frame it when I’m home. We made the bus, flight and ferry with ease and arrived in Koh Phangan where the madness would only continue. 

With love, 

JoJo xx 

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