Koh Phangan, Koh Tao & Koh Samui 

We arrived at the Dancing Elephant hostel (highly recommended if you’re looking for a good time) on January 11 and it instantly felt like home. It sounds crazy, but we were in a 45 person dorm and it was the perfect set up for us. Four of us shared a top bunk that we deemed “The Funky Bunk” and the other 2 had a bed below us. Our first night was spent at the Jungle Party and it was literally that. A rave in the jungle. The Dancing Elephant really facilitates a family mentality with the people staying there so we all got a shared taxi to the party at 2am, yes 2. Most nights here didn’t end until at least 5 or 6am, sometimes later. Then the second night was the much anticipated Full Moon Party. So we all got decked out in our tie dye attire and got to partying. Our hostel had a huge street party that was an absolute laugh and good time. They also supplied the glow in the dark body paint, so we went a little crazy with that too. Once again, they told our D.E. family to meet at Mushroom Mountain, a bar east of the beach at 4am to keep the celebrating going. Unreal time. Night three was the Backyard Party and night four was the Reggae Bar. All great nights, but one of the best ones was our final night. The hostel hosted a big family dinner as most of us were leaving the next day. They made tones of food and we all sat together at a big table, sharing a laugh.. and then it got real when they brought out the karaoke machine. It was good to know that karaoke is loved all around the world. We had Germans, Spanish, Thai and obviously us Canadians having a go with it. I wish I could post videos on here, but it’s also probably a good idea that I can’t. After karaoke we all went down to the beach for one last Koh Phangan beach party. 

A funny story to us, while also a reason why some people say they will never stay in a hostel occurred on our second or third night at the Dancing Elephant. One of our male British roommates returned after his night out and needed a wee. This was the conversation that went on when Robyn noticed that he was peeing on the floor in the room. Close to the bathroom, but definitely not the bathroom. 

Robyn: Mate! You’re pissing on the floor! 

British Dude whilst opening and closing the closet door that again is near to, but not the bathroom: Ah, Jesus Christ, it’s Jason Bourne! Jason Bourne. 

Needless to say, doesn’t make any sense, but it is now a staple in our commentary whenever we do anything. 

We did a day tour, that included some temple visits, a waterfall hike and swim at the top (amazing), feeding elephants and monkeys, and finishing at the 360 bar that had the best view I’ve ever experience with a drink in my hand. It was so picturesque it didn’t feel real! 

The next stop was Koh Tao. Although we had a great time in Koh Tao, a lot of our crew was falling apart. Most of us were sick, broken phone, lung infection, lost debit card, heat rash/ stroke and probably other things. I think I had the best luck and that the worst thing that happened to me were some lost flip flops. The island is most famous for diving, but none of us besides Haley are that into it, so we spent our time walking around town when it wasn’t pouring rain. There was still a lot of repair on the roads and sidewalks from the floods they had a week previous, so I’m sure these rains just added to the mess. On the rainy day, Madison, Kennedy and I managed to make the two minute walk down the road to a beach front massage spa. It was an hour long, amazing and $8. Got the oil massage, but then there is a Thai massage portion at the end where they’re more focused on cracking your back and such. It was hard not to laugh at how vigorously they toss you around, especially when you don’t expect it. At Leo bar beside our hostel (Goodtimes Hostel, also recommended) there were fire shows! I can’t help but watch them with utter awe, while also scared to be the one struck when they miss a catch. Luckily no burns here! We did a pub crawl here to celebrate our last night all together. We saw live music, a pool party and a classic Thai “ladyboy show”. It was an absolute blast. It was also sad leaving Koh Tao because we also left Alysha who was going back to Vancouver as her work only allowed her a couple weeks off. We’re looking forward to our Vancouver reunion already though!

Obviously, on these islands, the buckets and changs were a great addition to our squad. 

From Koh Tao we went to Koh Samui. We only spent one night in Koh Samui at the very unique Us Hostel. All of the rooms and dorms were made out of shipping containers, then the lounge, reception and pool were all open air. It was also a 15 minute walk from the beach which is always a plus. Koh Samui is largely a family tourist destination, similar to Mexico for North Americans where you tend to not leave your resort. We had friends who had been there previously and told us we didn’t need more than a day there. The most notable thing that we experienced here was our dinner out on the beach. We went to an Italian restaurant and treated ourselves- pasta, pizza and cocktails. It was the best. Equally as incredible was that all of our food arrived at the same time, which never happens. Usually one person is done their meal before anyone else or the last person has theirs. It was truly a great last night to spend with the girls as Robyn was going back to Vancouver the following day too. 

The next day for us carrying on was a long one, with a taxi- a ferry- a bus- a mini bus- a ferry and another mini bus. Long day to say the least, but we eventually arrived in beautiful Koh Lanta on the west side of Thailand where I was reunited with the Andaman Sea! 

With love, 

JoJo xx 

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